6 Things You Must Update on Your Résumé Right Now


If you had asked any career coach for advice a couple of years ago, they’d likely have encouraged you to focus on landing your next job before quitting your current one (unless there was a good reason, of course). That’s because—whether or not it’s fair—it’s typically been easier to find a new job when you’re already employed. In addition, most people didn’t want to risk a lengthy job search without the safety net of a steady paycheck.

Undeniably, however, times have changed. Thanks to a combination of factors, workers are quitting their jobs in droves—with many giving their notice before securing their next role. According to the Labor Department’s latest report, a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November alone.

If you have joined the Great Resignation and quit your job before securing a new one, there’s no need to highlight this information when updating your résumé and cover letter. Since many employers are struggling to fill their open positions, they are less likely to get hung up on your current employment status.

In fact, a recent survey from TopResume found that a majority of employers and recruiters do not consider a substantial employment gap (lasting 12 or more months) to even be a red flag, given the current job market conditions.

Instead, use these tips to focus on demonstrating why you’re qualified for the role, as well as a good fit for the organization.

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