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6 common cover letter mistakes you might be making

You may think cover letters are a waste of time, and job application platforms often make them optional. However, skipping this step could be a mistake. According to a survey by the résumé-creation platform ResumeLab, 87% of HR pros prefer that candidates include one, and 70% would reject a candidate who doesn’t. Since cover letters can …

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Writing a Stellar Job Application Letter

Also known as a cover letter, this is a job application letter is a document that explains more about your résumé or gives details of your past experiences and qualifications for a particular specialisation. Cover letters explain why you think you are more qualified for the job. Tips for a good application letter: Getting started It’s …

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2022

The job search landscape today is almost unrecognizable from what we’ve seen before. So many people work from home these days that many companies now consider remote work a standard operating procedure. Others are struggling to bounce back from layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, or belong to the growing number of workers who have quit their …

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It’s Time to Rethink Job Descriptions for the Digital Era

Job titles still reign supreme in the world of work. They embody a strict delegation of job responsibilities, govern individual assignments, and patrol boundaries between departments and colleagues.


6 Things You Must Update on Your Résumé Right Now

If you had asked any career coach for advice a couple of years ago, they’d likely have encouraged you to focus on landing your next job before quitting your current one (unless there was a good reason, of course).


Dress Your Social Media Best: 11 Must-Dos For Potential Job Seekers

Social media has become more than a marketing strategy or a form of social sharing. Now, social media is mode, method and manager for how individuals and companies communicate about themselves to others.