The 10 fastest-growing boomtowns in the U.S. for job prospects, GDP growth, and household income


Although many cities are still struggling with high unemployment and low economic growth during Covid, other cities are flourishing.

SmartAsset analyzed the most recent data for 500 of the largest cities, including population change, unemployment rate, change in unemployment rate, GDP growth rate, business growth, housing growth, and change in household income, to find the places where the outlook is rosy.

Cities in Washington State dominate the list, with three in the top 10. Vancouver, for instance, ranks well for its growing number of businesses and housing options. Bellingham stands out in terms of five-year population change and average yearly GDP growth. And Seattle ranks in the top 10% of cities for five-year population change, the number of new housing units, and median household income increased growth.

Based on the data, here are the top 10 boomtowns in the U.S.

10. Seattle, Washington

5-year population change: 11.84%
Average yearly GDP growth: 7.02%
5-year change in number of establishments: 8.12%
5-year housing growth rate: 14.64%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.8%
Total score: 91.6

9. Bellingham, Washington

5-year population change: 9.95%
Average yearly GDP growth: 8.25%
5-year change in number of establishments: 8.9%
5-year housing growth rate: 10.87%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 5.2%
Total score: 91.67

8. Vancouver, Washington

5-year population change: 5.45%
Average yearly GDP growth: 6.06%
5-year change in number of establishments: 16.36%
5-year housing growth rate: 11.8%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.8%
Total score: 92.12

7. Tempe, Arizona

5-year population change: 11.88%
Average yearly GDP growth: 3.77%
5-year change in number of establishments: 11.96%
5-year housing growth rate: 17.34%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.7%
Total score: 92.34

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