Reflect, Set, Go: Setting Worthwhile Goals For 2022


The new year is here, and our focus is now on what to expect in 2022. Regardless of whether 2021 was a banner year for you – or one of necessary change – I challenge you to do as I advise my clients: create the best version of the life you want in 2022.

What does that mean? It’s time to no longer ignore the bigger goals and dreams that have been set aside to achieve your success. Imagine if, in the next year, you could reach for more and still have high levels of accomplishment in your life. How would that feel?

If you could create a better version of your life next year, what would you do differently? Perhaps it’s having more trust in your decisions or no longer playing victim to responsibilities. Believe it or not, these are valuable mindset shifts that you have the power to make happen. The choices you make today and the plans you put into place now will make a big difference to your everyday joy in the future.

I do a goal-setting exercise with my clients that I call “Reflect, Set, Go.” Through this process, they can delve into what worked well for them the prior year, what didn’t, and what actions they can take to make the new year even better. You can do this simple but effective exercise on your own and start creating your ideal 2022 today.


The “Reflect, Set, Go” process starts with year-end reflection. We all did a lot of self-reflection in 2021, especially in the midst of Covid, and it’s likely that you uncovered some new thoughts about yourself and your business, and you would like to make new commitments. These are not resolutions, but honest observations that can affect the goals you commit to.

I tell my clients to start with the moments they felt joy this year. Who were they with? What were they doing? Also, what work was most inspiring to them? What did they accomplish that they’re most proud of? Often, they are surprised by their answers, which reveal what they could lean more into for a joyful life.

Questions like these will give you more insight into what actually contributed to your quality of life, and they can offer a different perspective than a year-end KPI review of your business. Of course we want to hit those sales and revenue goals, but from what I’ve found, those good feelings are fleeting. I find that my clients who focus on getting more of their happy moments end up more successful both personally and professionally than the ones who focus solely on KPIs.

Second, and equally as critical, is asking yourself what didn’t work in 2021. What caused you the most frustration? Where do you wish you hadn’t spent so much time? What do you wish you would have delegated? Figuring out what you want less of in the new year can help you reach success by subtraction.

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