Leadership: How to Show Empathy to Hybrid Work Teams


Demonstrate emotional intelligence by incorporating these mindful phrases into your leadership vocabulary in 2022. Hybrid work teams will thank you

As we adapt to a new hybrid work style that jumps between virtual and in-person, teams that were used to working in shared spaces now collaborate mainly via online tools. The physical distance can add a degree of difficulty to complex technology projects that normally would benefit from frequent personal interactions to spur creative problem-solving.

Even though team members are distributed, expectations for the quality of their work remain the same. As leaders, it’s up to us to tap into our emotional intelligence (EQ) to ensure that team members know we understand their challenges and are proactively seeking ways to help them stay productive and motivated.

At SenecaGlobal, our clients are based in the United States and served by teams with resources that are located onshore and offshore. We’ve learned a lot as we’ve adapted to the sudden changes brought on by COVID-19 and plan to apply those lessons as we move forward in 2022.

Demonstrating intentional empathy

Shifting to a work-from-home or hybrid model means that employees need to carve out space in their personal dwellings, possibly while accommodating the needs of family members who are also working or learning at home.

As managers, we need to be respectful of the burden these arrangements can place on our team members. It is important to regularly ask for feedback from associates to demonstrate that you understand how the situation may affect them and to offer solutions. Here are some questions to consider asking:

  • Are you able to fully disconnect from work at the end of the day?
  • Are you running into any roadblocks that make it difficult to collaborate with your teammates?
  • What are we doing that helps you feel connected to others? Is there anything we can do better?
  • Do you feel informed about what’s happening at the company?
  • Do you have the equipment, furniture, connectivity, and supplies you need to be comfortable and productive?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite things about your current work arrangements?

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