Dress Your Social Media Best: 11 Must-Dos For Potential Job Seekers


Social media has become more than a marketing strategy or a form of social sharing. Now, social media is mode, method and manager for how individuals and companies communicate about themselves to others. While not all job seekers are comfortable with social media, many companies use it to research and evaluate potential candidates.

As such, maintaining some form of social media presence may be a non-negotiable for job seekers within certain industries. To help you gain a better understanding of social media must-dos, we asked members of Forbes Coaches Council to share their top tips potential candidates can use when curating their social media presence.

1. Build A Common Brand

It always surprises me that job seekers will describe themselves one way on LinkedIn and differently on other sites or on their resume. Job seekers should understand what their value can be to potential employers and describe that value in exactly the same way on all sites. They need to provide a common brand for themselves so employers understand who they are and what they can contribute. – Stephen Ford, Fitzgerald, Stevens & Ford, Inc.

2. Stay On Professional Message

Talent acquisition teams scan more than your resume and ATS-based application. Assume they will visit your LinkedIn, Twitter, your posts, Facebook pages and more to determine your fit and if you are who you say you are. It’s safe to clean things up and stay “on professional message” everywhere you digitally go. Play it safe with no political rants, no angry diatribes and an on-brand message. – John M. O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.

3. Establish Yourself As An Expert

Use social media to establish that you are an expert and innovative thinker in your field. Share information from others to highlight that you are learning and keeping up with current trends in your industry. Author articles and share your unique perspective on your field. Be sure to share relevant information and tag people in your network when it makes sense to expand your reach. – Jennifer Thompson, Deviant Thinking

4. Set Up Private And Public Profiles

I love when people see my true self online. It’s a great way to illustrate your personality, charm, values and interests. However, do that on LinkedIn and on your website. Don’t use a public Instagram or Facebook profile. Make those private. You wouldn’t want your future employer sifting through your 2004 pictures from spring break in Miami. – Brian M Harman, Business Management Hallmark

5. Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

As a job seeker, you have to have a professional and effective LinkedIn profile. This is no longer optional. Include a recent and professional picture, ensure your experience is aligned with your resume and allow your personality to show, highlighting what makes you uniquely qualified to do the job successfully. Keep it simple and get inspiration from leaders in your industry and their profiles. – Jean Ali Muhlbauer, People at Work

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