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Why Choose Us?


Eddie Bright and members of the team at HCM have been providing talent solutions since 1999. We have evolved our services organically based on client feedback and experience. We understand and recognize the importance of tailoring solutions that align with your business objectives, address market complexities, promote innovation and growth while managing cost and risk.


Our clients consistently say we deliver the best market value. We make it easy to do business with us by creating visibility and transparency in our partnership and supporting processes. We focus on managing costs and maintain a risk-first, delivery-first, value-add mindset.


Recruiting is a core competency here at HCM. This is reflected in the exceptionally high caliber of talent we hire to serve our clients in diverse capacities:

  • Contract Assignments
  • Managed Services
  • Diect Placement as an FTE
  • Talent Solutions Design, Develop, and Implement
  • Client Relationship Management


Your focus is our focus. We pay close attention to your business landscape, strategic objectives, and to U.S. national, regional, and local labor markets so we can help you to identify the right caliber of talent to support your innovation initiatives. Our account and delivery teams focus exclusively on your objectives to ensure our services deliver value.


Our onsite / onshore engagement model gives our clients the proximity and flexibility to scale delivery rapidly and cost effectively with the right talent, skills, and specialized capabilities. Our hybrid national footprint empowers you to reach talent wherever it resides in the U.S. and removing geographical limitations. If we can’t bring the talent to you physically, we do it virtually via the cloud.

HCM Recruitment Process

The HCM Staffing recruiting engine is the cornerstone of the organization allowing us to produce a high level of talent, even when tight market conditions exist, or a unique skillset is required. The recruiting methodology of HCM was developed by our founder, Eddie Bright Jr, and has been proven to produce some of the highest quality results in the Information Technology industry since 1996.

HCM has a large base of consultants across a variety of disciplines throughout the country that have worked under our principals for many years. This tremendous pool of talent allows us to source proven individuals who have a history with us, rather than to pull from job boards, third parties etc. Our recruiters update and maintain our database daily from current profiles revealing the latest skillset and vertical industry needs, information from our sales organization internally, and the referrals of top-performing candidates from our existing consultant pool.

If you are searching for a challenging and interesting opportunity, and would like to explore some of the positions available with our organization please submit your resume by emailing info@hcmscg.com

Our process is both simple and thorough:

Validate: The client requisition is distributed to the Account Manager and Director of Recruiting. Upon review, the requisition is then sent to the appropriate Practice Director so that a candidate profile can be created, along with the following information:

  • Client Information such as Business Unit, Business Sponsor, Location of Work, Work Schedule, Dress Codes etc. and a brief Description of the Application or Engagement which details the Scope of Work including which efforts the customer will be responsible for providing, technology platforms etc.
  • Approximate Start Date and desired Completion Date
  • Estimated Bill Rate range
  • Competition Information (if known)
  • Type of engagement (Staff Augmentation, Solution etc.)

Identify: The candidate profile is then distributed to the local recruiting team which will attempt to match the candidate profile against the consultant database. Once appropriate candidate(s) are identified, they are passed along to the appropriate Practice Director. If a local candidate cannot be identified from the consultant database, several alternative methods are initiated to locate a candidate (i.e. profile is sent to regional a2c recruiters, referrals, external sourcing etc.)

Screen: The Practice Director will review the candidates’ resume and if the candidate seems like a potential fit, the Practice Director will schedule a technical phone screen. Qualified candidates which pass the technical screening will then be brought in for one or more face-to-face interviews. The remaining candidates will then be prioritized according to several criteria including technical skills, vertical industry experience, personality, compensation expectations, geographical preferences etc. At this time, all references of the client are contacted, and any required background checks are performed. At a minimum the following information must be finalized before the candidate(s) can be submitted to the client for review:

  • Agreed-To Pay Rate for the Candidate
  • Availability Date and Acknowledgment by the Candidate for the estimated duration of the engagement as provided by the Client
  • Two references will be verified by recruiting (upon client request).

Interview: Qualified candidates are then provided to the Account Manager for client submission and then the Account Manager will coordinate all client interviews. Feedback from the client interviews is reviewed by the Account Manager and the Practice Director. Once the client has approved a candidate, the “On-Boarding” processes can be initiated.

On-Boarding: At this point, the HCM Director of Human Resources will process all of the required paperwork including employment letter/consulting agreement, benefit enrollment, tax forms, legal documents etc. Depending upon the client, the candidate will then be subjected to a drug screening and examination. After all the appropriate paperwork has been processed and the results of the drug screening are determined to be successful, the consultant is brought in for orientation by the client and the HCM organization. Once employed, consultants will participate in an annual assessment (once or twice a year) by their immediate Practice Director. A special evaluation form contains the feedback and is discussed with the consultant.

Payrolling Services with HCM

Looking for hassle free payroll services?

HCM Staffing and Consulting Group provides complete payroll outsourcing services, from basic payroll processing, statutory compliance, and facilitating employee communication while maintaining confidentiality. The best part? HCM provides payroll services at a lower cost than the market rate.

Organizations building on a resilient growth strategy have many things to be concerned about. The last thing they would want to be bothered with are challenges related to payroll management or payroll processing. These are operational, yet mandatory processes. Managing error free operations consistently for payroll processing can be very challenging, so leave it to us and focus on the growth and success of your business. We got this covered.

HCM has been serving a diverse clientele and as a Minority/Veteran Certified Supplier we add to your bottom line for minority spend for each and every dollar of business. With our significant investments in technology, we offer complete payroll outsourcing services from A to Z., from basic payroll calculations, statutory compliance, we do it all. HCM takes care of the payroll and billing of all employees and contractors for the client and sends one monthly consolidated invoice to the client for all expenses incurred.

Key Features

Features that truly differentiates us from the rest

  • We will manage complete Payroll Processing for all your employees, which will ensure that your employees receive their pay on time.
  • We will process and manage all your tax related activities, related to Payroll Processing Services.
  • If required, we can also initiate and execute benefit plans for your employees.
  • Our dedicated team of Payroll Experts will work to solve all payroll related issues instantaneously.
  • We provide customized and tailor-made payroll processing services, for every niche and vertical within your business.
  • HCM Staffing and Consulting Group can assist you attain your diversity spend. We are a certified Minority owned ( African American) and Veteran Supplier company

Why Choose HCM Staffing and Consulting Group?

Why HCM for company payroll services?

  • We will simplify your payroll management activity, which means that you are aware of all details, and can manage your finances accordingly.
  • We will guide you with payroll consultation, so that your organization can optimize ROI, and make better decisions.
  • We will arrange compliance and administration for your business.
  • Our expert team will understand your business process, and create a custom blueprint which fulfills your business objectives.


Here are the standard benefits offered while offering Temporary Staffing Services.

  • We reduce your hassle and pain associated with processing payroll like timesheet integration, various HR reports, benefits etc. with our services.
  • We provide the error free Payroll Services carried out without risk for the company.
  • We assure our clients timely service, which further leads to a peaceful environment and motivated employees.
  • We provide the safest company payroll services. Our payroll data is centralized and secure, so the risk of data loss is limited.